Monday, May 10, 2010

salam ~

salam :)

1st of all, let me introduce myself :P

name : nor anila@masitah yusof. ( don't ask me why both of my parent giving me two name and also it's totally not about my child life like some Malay's believe - crying always or else hehehe ;p )

age : this year i am 23. don't worry my birthday is on December. so, stay tuned hehe.

d.o.b : December 12, 1987. still young and dangerous heheh ;p ( i love this kind of number )

p.o b : somewhere in pekan, pahang d.m/

currently position ; teacher trainee at Sultan Mizan Teaching Institute, Besut, Terengganu. now, i am in my final year hehehe :)

about me : hemm i am cheerful, outgoing, great sense of humor, impatient ( hehe totally if i want to get something that i desire ) and bla bla. know me 1st and then u will know who it's me. :)

i am fourth of four siblings. i am the last one. hehe manje la jugak.

so, this is my overview of me.

and i'm hope we can't place something new in my blog.
just share anything that u want in way leave your comment..
i will hit u back.

last but not least,
salam perkenalan. :)

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